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July 2, 2014

Now I know what you're thinking, "Devon, I thought you were the 'PORTRAIT Specialist', not the 'Event Specialist'.". Well Professionally, My specialty is Portraiture. I seldomly venture into anything that isn't just straight portraits. I've turned down some well paying gigs just because they weren't my niche. Truth is that I don't want to have a client pay me for something that isn't my specialty. Its the same reason I wouldn't ask an exterminator to fix my car. But occasionally I do like to volunteer my time and talent for my community, no matter the...

March 10, 2014

Im really not that much of a car enthusiast, despite my dad being a Master Mechanic, but I wanted to give a helping hand to my community after discovering that this seemingly popular anual event in Fontana didn't have any pro photos of their event to advertise (at least I couldn't find any).

If you attended the event, you can find your photos here

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