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Week 1: Black & White

So I've decided to finally start a Weekly Photo Challenge (yes, I know, I'm very late in the game on this). But not just to showboat my awesomeness, to help anyone else out who is reading and interested in photography. Every week I'll be posting a new photo and how I created the photo. Settings, Lighting, Lens, etc. So without further ado.. Black & White I hate Black & White Photography Yup. It's boring and I get bitter over how someone can take a lame photo and "fix it" by making it grayscale and having all their friends rave about how beautiful and artistic it is just because it's black & white. No. I'm a little better than that. Plus, I like color. So, for this week's category, instead of taking a photo in grayscale, I chose to take it more literally by gathering all the most common Black and White items in my life and placing them in an obsessively organized manner on a white sheet, creating a black and white scene rather than a b&w photo in post processing. For this photo, I used the overcast light coming through my window as the only source of light. I stood directly above the objects with my 24-70mm at 70mm, f/2.8, 1/80 shutter speed, and an ISO of 2500. I took about 10 photos to make sure I got one that came out perfectly even. Then I imported it into Photoshop and tweaked the white balance until the white sheet was perfectly white. And there you have it! Think outside the box sometimes, a black and white photo doesn't have to be created with post processing software! Let me know you guys have any questions or just comment on the post, I appreciate any sort of feedback will get back to you as soon as I can :)