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Week 3: Reflection

It took 4 freakin days to make this shot. Weather hasn't been the most predictable here in Southern California. Fortunately, luck was on my side and I woke up to a nice cloudy day, which was exactly what I needed for this shot. So This shot was actually inspired by a photo I found a while back ago. Don't remember where, don't remember when, but it came to me when I saw the subject of this weeks photo challenge. On to the How-To. I grabbed a buddy of mine to model for me but it is possibly to model yourself as a tirpod will used anyway. Just much easier to have a friend. so I found a wet area of my street, posed my friend, and created a puddle of water at his feet with a bottle of water. This puddle was surprisingly difficult to maintain so I ended up using a lot of water. After taking a few shots with his reflection (technically the reflection of the overcast and his shadow) using a very closed, narrow aperture to ensure everything is in focus, I then had him carefully remove his shoes without moving them so that they remain in the same exact position. I took another shot with my camera in the same position and angle (hence the tripod), ending up with an image of him in the shoes, and another with empty shoes. With a little photoshop magic, you have this image. The photoshop part is a little advanced. I suggest looking up photo merging tutorials on youtube if you're interested in recreating this photo. Thanks for reading! be sure to like, share, and comment to let me know what you think! Last week,!Week-2-Food/c1fa4/C7068449-D7A6-48F8-BED0-813079EA814C