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Week 4: Self Portrait

If you're friends with me on my persoanl facebook, you'll know that I go all out with my self portraits. Well this time, in celebration of Valentine's Day, I did something a little different.. As you can see, I added my sister! Kidding of course. That lovely lady in the picture with me is my Beautiful Girlfriend of 2 and a half years. Surprisingly it took us this long to finally take some pictures together. So kinda on a whim, we got all pretty looking, grabbed my camera and tripod, and headed to Fairmount Park in Riverside, CA. And even though she hates getting her picture taken (ironic, huh?), She loved the photos! :D See Week 3: Reflection Here!!Week-3-Reflection/c1fa4/17090B43-9F39-45D9-8D09-B4B7148F962C