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Weekly Photo Challenge: NEVER AGAIN

So 1 month in and I've realized that this whole photo challenge thing, isn't for me, nor for anyone else tring to run a business.. First off let me set the record straight that I WILL continue to post How-To's on photography projects of MY choice. However, I will no longer continue to do whatever some stupid piece of paper tells me in the small amount of time that it allots me every single week. I mean thats why we all left High School, right? I have a very high standard for the work that I like to show my viewers, and for me to put a large amount of affort into a photo project that I'm not inspired to do and frankly don't care too much for, every week.. I'm sorry, but I'm an ARTIST! lol So expect some much cooler stuff in the future, just don't expect it to be weekly anymore.