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A Heartfelt Testimonial

About a year ago, I was asked by an old High School Acquaintance to cover her Grad/Birthday party, Sarah's Party. Come the day of the party, I was greeted by a beautifully organized party complete with draped tables & chairs, a DJ, a Taco Bar, and of course, a Mechanical Bull. The first one I ever got to ride. When the birthday girl arrived, I took the opportunity to take some singles and group shots of her, and then some couples when I found out she had a Boyfriend. At one point, Sarah's Grandmother approached me to purchase a random assortment of prints of the party photos. She didn't care that hadn't seen the photos yet, not knowing if they were impressive or even in focus. She was just so happy for her grand daughter and wanted keepsakes of the occasion. After payment was settled, she carried on as one of the most spirited people at the party. This girl was full of personality. Always had a smile on her face, pulling people up to dance with her, making those kind of jokes that you're afraid to laugh at just because you're not sure if it was appropriate to. She was definitely memorable. Anyway, time went by after the party was done and photos were delivered. Throughout this time I had asked Sarah for a little testimonial to describe her experience with Devonvp Photography. I reminded her a couple times, each time she said she'll get on it, but no thing after that. I didn't take any offense by it though. Getting testimonials out of people is not that easy, especially if they're as busy as someone who is entering adulthood with college, getting a job, and managing a relationship. But because they are a helpful business tool, I kept asking :) About a month ago I discovered that Sarah's Grandmother, the same one who wasn't afraid to show her personality, had passed. I don't just say this because she passed, but aside from Sarah, She was definitely the most memorable person at that party to me. This may seem very strange, but I've never actually had someone close to me die. My grandpa died when I was 6, so I barely have any memories of him. I do my best to treat my clients like family, and sometimes, if it's a good session, I allow myself to feel as close as I can to family. Weird truth is, because of that one party, Sarah's grandmother was one of the closest persons to have passed in my life. So I took it personally. I wanted to help, so I immediately offered to send her a blown up 16x20 print, in the highest quality I offer, to display at her funeral. Sarah graciously accepted and I got to deliver the print to her home where she treated me like family. One month later, I'm doing some work on my computer and while managing my Google Place Profile, and, after long wait, I discover the most heartfelt testimonial any one has left me. Here it is.. "I have had the most amazing relationship and experience with Devon VP Photography. I first hired him to shoot pictures at my 18th Birthday party and he was amazing. He got great candid shots as well as still poses of me and my friends and family. My family and I absolutely loved his work and personality and made us all feel comfortable. He even did a mini couples shoot for me and one of the pictures is displayed below in his photos. His prices are more than reasonably for the amazing work he does and also in a very timely manner as well as maintaining great communication. Also, I received above and beyond customer service from him. He took a really awesome picture of my grandmother and I at my party and she had passed away. He personally took it upon himself and blew up the picture to display at her funeral. It looked absolutely beautiful and was such a generous gesture. I could have not asked for a better photographer or person to do business with. He was very professional while still being friendly and welcoming. If anyone in the Inland Empire is looking for a photographer he should be your first choice. I will continue to work with him and hire him for any photography I need done."

- Sarah C.

OK I may have exaggerated a bit on how heartfelt it was, but I couldn't help but to smile throughout the entire thing. I'm really happy that I can make such an impression on someone. It's always my goal to make the biggest impact I can on my clients and I can't help but have the most amazing feeling reading this. So much that I had to share the story with everyone. Thanks again Sarah! I look forward to all the photos and memories I get to create for you and your family! :D