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The Big Loop - Chantry Flats

Recently my Pal and I have been going on Adventures! The kind that require large amounts of ammunition and multiple tourniquet .. eventually. I’ve been visiting beautiful scenic trails all over the Inland Empire and parts of Los Angeles county. Just for a small investment in great boots, some first aid, and a military-grade knives, the views are more than worth it!

The Big Santa Anita Loop Trail is located near Sierra Madre, CA (9.5m). Saddle your horse, pump your bike tires, or shine your boots each are allowed on the Loop This trail is great even on a sunny day in July. Featuring lush, shady woods and the 50 foot Sturtevant Fall this trail is perfect for any adventurist willing. You’ll start off at Chantry flat and follow a paved road to the Sturtevant Camp. Once here you're in control of the destination. We visited the Sturtevant Falls first by following the trail straight, this Beauty was by accident when we stumbled on it looking for the larger half of the loop. If you plan on getting wet in the wilderness the Fall pools at it’s floor, take a dip, have a snack, and move on. You can take a steep climb to the left that will cut right into the Loop Trail or backtrack a bit and you’ll find the beginning. The entire trail is 9.5 miles round trip but who says you have to follow the trail.. you’re a grown human being with a hunger for adventure and beautiful Instagram photos #nofilter; follow it as far as you want and trek back, either way you’ll be happy with the view.

Left: Bottom of fall, Right: Top of Fall You’ll find pools of water and green stuff everywhere you look so soak it all in. Much of the path is straightforward and all of it beautiful. Overlooking the lush greenery, the Fall, and Sturtevant Camp below with few steep inclines( till you reach the paved path back up to Chantry flat) it will be worth the extra sweat, blood, and tears. On your way back to Chantry flat and inevitably your delightful 9 to 5, eight kids, and modern transportation the paved path is gonna make it pur! About half a mile to your car is a paved incline just to ice the cake.

Before you leave be sure to visit the camp’s lovely bathrooms and pristine water fountains. Enjoy!

UPDATE: So it turns out that we actually took a wrong turn on this path and cut it short by about half the distance. We discovered this through a friend who took a different route and had a totally different view than us... SO I guess this is to be continued! :D