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A day at N7 Creamery

So if you've had any sort of social life in the Inland Empire the past month, you've probably heard of the new ice cream shop that completely changes everything you about ice cream and has become THE hotspot for instagram photography. I had the oppurtunity to do some free roam with my camera..

A few weeks ago, I discovered N7 in Victoria Gardens next door to TGI. It had a very artisan feel, from chalk board sign placed outside to the hand made brick walls lining the inside. Everyone working there was young, happy, and attractive. Exactly what you look for in a cafe. But they offer a lot more than just a warm welcoming staff--they have some good ice cream!

N7 Creamery had a goal to be completely different from any other ice cream shop. They did so by combining farm fresh ingredients with mad science. After creating their ice cream base (basically melted ice cream) in their 'aquarium' like kitchen, they pour it into a mixing bowl with liquid nitrogen right in front of you after you order. A large cloud of nitrogen is generated and your ice cream is formed. Exciting Stuff! :D

They also serve some very high quality coffee, freshly baked pastries, and some secret menu items from what I hear. So check it out when you have the chance! Below are some more cool photos I took in the shop while I was there...