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5 Awesome tips for Fall Family Portraits

Fall is finally here! YES! Southern California seems to only know 2 things, Summer and wildfires, but we can’t help but to be hopeful for seasons. Besides the relentless heat throughout the year, Autumn is one of the best times of the year for family photos. Heres a few tips!

Location: Of course, what we look forward most in Fall is that beautiful orange and yellow! Outdoor is a MUST for photography in the Fall. Usually any spot with plenty of trees will show some seasonal colors. If you’re looking for a more unique experience for your family pics, there are a lot farms that have apple groves and pumpkin patches. Plus, there’s nothing like a petting zoo to get your kids in a good smiley mood! Most farms that allow visitors won’t have a problem with you taking your family photos there.

Clothing: This kind of depends on your location. If you’re in the Inland Empire of Southern California like me, you’re like not going to need any coats and scarfs like many East Coasters would need. Be sure to dress appropriately for your climate, don’t sweat yourself in a jacket just to get the full Fall experience. Coordinating your colors is always a good idea. Some families prefer to wear all jeans or khakis with white tops for a traditional style or different shades of the same color tops for casual photos. Make your photos POP. Wear colors that contrast the scenery. Deep blues and purples will work awesomely with the orange and yellow surrounding. I always love to see texture in clothing but watch out for distracting patterns.

Time of Day: If you’ve ever been professionally photographed before, you may have heard of the Golden Hour. Its the sweet spot right before sunset and, in my opinion, the only time to photograph for portraits outdoors. However, anytime of the day with an overcast will work because of the lack of harsh shadows created by direct sunlight. If you happen to have a full overcast day (Super rare here near San Bernardino), you may like to catch the morning dew on those Autumn leaves.

Be Prepared: Winter is coming.. and Fall happens to be that transitional time of unpredictable weather so you need to prepare for all types of weather (Especially here in So Cal). Bring Hair Spray! Wind doesn’t have to ruin your photos as long as you have hair spray, a hair tie, and a patient photographer. Backup makeup is also a must. It may even become surprisingly chilly so instead of bringing an extra coat, consider taking a large blanket you can all huddle in, an awesome idea for couples photography!

Make it Special!: I know this tip is kinda generic but consider it especially for Fall photos. Fall is a gorgeous time of year full of stunning scenery. You can take posed up, traditional photos any time of the year. Create some special memories this Autumn! Play in the leaves! Pick some apples! Sit on a pumpkin or two! Enjoy the season!

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