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Devonvp Photography Logo: Why the Eyeball?

Some of you who've known me for a little while probably have noticed my recent chagne in Logo. I even asked some of you for a personal opinion, generating some very mixed reviews. But I almost got the same critique from everyone: "I like the text, but I don't get the eye.". Some of my buddies and clients believe the eyeball to be a random element in my logo. In fact a lot of people beleive some symbols are completely random in the logos for their favorite brands. However that is very rarely the case. there is definitely a reason for the eye. Allow me to elaborate..

I've been throught dozens of logo changes before settling on the one you see above. This was the logo I used for about a year. I'd say for about 6 months of that year, I hated that logo. There were lots of problems with it. 1, it was difficult to use on marketing material due to its long narrow dimension. 2, It wasn't versatile at all in the sense that I couldn't abreviate it in any way. It was either the entire logo, or it wouldn't work. 3, Most importantly, It did a horrible job at portraying my businesses personality. So after consulting my fellow design friend for a few weeks, going through several drafts, we came up with the fix..

First, The text was established earlier. I wanted something fun and friendly while maintaining a modern style. Originally the "VP" was lowercase as it always has been but we just couldn't maintain the same wavy style of font without it looking like a "u" and spelling "Devon up" so we made the "VP" uppercase to avoid any confusion. Now the eye ball. I wanted, NEEDED, a symbol. My business name is " Devonvp Photography". That can not be abreviated unfortunately. BUT it can be immortalized into a graphic icon. THAT was the hard part. The Eyeball honestly came up as an accident. My design buddy was just playing with shapes in his design software and eventually created what appeared to be an eye with a tail. He jokingly showed me for a laugh, but I didn't see that way. I asked him to insert my brand colors and BAM, the eyeball was born. Why though? Why an Eye? The reason goes back to highschool. i was not the most popular kid and of course, as a pale, scrawny kid, I wasn't very confident. It wasn't until I noticed everyone complimenting my blue eyes that I discovered something worth showing off about me. Blue eyes were pretty uncommon at my high school. So I started marketing off it. I used to hate the color blue, but because it always braught out my eyes, I wore blue all the time. Ironically, it became my favorite color and eventually my brand color, all because of my most complimented and unique physical attribute, my eyes. Beyond that, there are a few bonuses. Some say that I have an EYE for photography. Also, Photography is all about seeing people and the world through the artists' eye. So there you have it. As for the second most common question asked about my brand, Is that color a pink, red, or orange? Well it's actu.. [TEXT LIMIT EXCEEDED]