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That little girl Following you - Photo Project

So this Halloween season I discovered something that really interests me. Creepy photography. Being able to invoke emotion just by a photo, a true visual reaction to something I've created is an awesome feeling, and exactly the goal for this photo project.

It really started off with me and my Buddy Jean exploring The Large Graveyard in Colton, CA at 2:00am. It is INCREDIBLY dark in there. The worst part is that the gravyard is completely walled off, and beyond those walls are street lights surround the graveyard. So they don't actually illuminate the graveyard, but they make it so that no matter where you look, Your eyes are unable to adjust to the darkness because of those street lights in the distance. Pretty awesome if you enjoy scary thrills. Anyway, I decided that I really wanted to use that desire I have for all things creepy and, for the first time, turn it into something creative. Thus, this project was born. We found our model, baught a wig, Jean did her make up. Turns out we chose a poor spot to do her makeup actually. Some guys surrounding a young girl under a street light next to a graveyard at 11pm doesn't look to good to the passerbyers. In fact, someone called the police thinking we were assaulting the girl. So yeah, I've been accused of rape, guys. Get at me for those Family Sessions this holiday season! :D So we explained what was going on to the police and they let us go, but informed us that we are not permited to enter the graveyard at this time of night (even though there is no sign that says we can't and the entrance gate is wide open). So we made due with what was available. Here are the awesomely creepy results...

I really hope you guys like the results! I am very happy with these photos. Everyone I've shown, the longer they look at a photo, the more they get creeped out by it. Exactly what I wanted. Be sure to share it this with your friends! I'd appreciate the Support and it's always fun to creep out your friends :D and Happy Halloween!

Right to Left: Daniel F. (Models Friend), Melanie (Model), Jean (Assistant/buddy), Devon VP (Me!~:D).