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Picking Farmers Picking Avocados on a Cherry Picker

My life as a Portrait photographer is quite exciting. One day I'm shooting a couple at a park, the next I'm taking photographing a farmer 100 feet in the air on a Cherry Picker. Totes exciting.

I’ve recently been very involved with the newest thing to hit Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, and the whole Inland Empire. N7 Creamery is a Farm to Table Coffee, bakery, and of course, Ice Cream shop. They’ve asked me to create a bunch of content for them and show everyone what they do behind the scenes. Not too long ago they took me a local Avocado Farm in Mentone, Redlands area, where they get fresh Avocados to use in their popular Avocado Ice Cream. Turns out there’s actually a ton of farms in that area. Like, it’s mostly farm. Who knew? I did. But you probably didn’t. :P

So we started the day with a Meet & Greet. The farm was a run by a small, very attractive family. Both of the Farmer’s sons were getting into modeling. What a cool back story for an aspiring actor though? “Grew up on a farm helping my father run the family business. It wasn’t until an equally attractive, and super talented photographer took my photo, did I realize that I was destined for the silver screen!”. After meeting the Family, I got to race the 30+ year old Marketing Director of N7 Creamery through an Inflatable fun house and almost dislocated my shoulder (I still won the race). We then were ready to enter the farm..

It only took about 10 steps in to feel like you were in the middle of a forest. This place was a childs Dream Backyard. Plenty of space to run through the trees, large leaves completely blanketed the ground, and the trees were big but still small enough to climb. It was unfortunate that I’m not the biggest fan of Avocados. They had all sorts of Avocados there. Apparently there’s such thing as Bacon Avocados. Who knew? I didn’t. But you probably did. :P Eventually I got to try out their Cherry Picker. This was a pretty big deal for someone who’s second biggest fear has always been heights (right after whales), But it was so worth it. It was right around sunset and the view was amazing.

Anyhow, the whole experience was really fun. Didn’t even feel like work to me, more like an outing with the N7 guys. BTW if you happen to be a fan of N7 Creamery, be sure to follow their new Instagram, @n7_creamery. Thanks for reading guys! Also, Check them out at

Some of us were less excitied about getting on the Cherry Picker..

How cool are these guys?