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A Star Wars Wedding: Selene & Andrew

A Long time ago, in a park in Riverside.. An Engagement Session took place that seeded a very interesting endeavor. Selene and Andrew found me online and we had an awesome session that produced some dope pics and I convinced them to consider me to shoot their wedding. When we met for our consultation a couple weeks later, I let them know that I'm very flexible with my wedding packages, so they decided to take advantage of that and see what exactly I can do for them. While looking up shots they've seen online for inspiration, Andrew pulled up something that he liked and asked me on a whim if I could replicate it. It was a very well done Star Wars themed photoshopped scene from a wedding shot (this shot actually went a bit viral a while ago so you may have seen it before). I told them that I actually have a background in Graphic Design and that, while I don't believe I can produce something that well as I've never attempted composite photography or anything like this, I would certainly do my best. I believe that right there is what really sold them and so they booked me.

A few months later, they have their wedding and it became time for the challenge. I was both excited and terrified at the thought of starting their Star Wars image. I was certain that I wouldn't be able to produce something as high quality as what they showed me and I knew it would take a couple hours to finish (at least). But I don't shy from challenges, and I happen to be a pretty big fan of Star Wars, So it was the first photo I worked on.

I went through and decided on the photo to work on (above). I made room for the add ins by clearing the tree branches and removed distractions and made it more symmetrical by building another rail. Then I spent an unexpectedly large amount of time finding the pieces to add and dropped them in their places.

At this point I'm getting really excited. Seeing everything come together when as I briefly imagined when I took the shot was a huge confidence booster. I decided to dedicate my entire work day to this shot and remained glued to the computer to get everything right. I began working on the more minor details to get everything to blend in a lot more. Making the Star Destroyer appear to exit the clouds. Transforming them to match the perspectic of the shot and adding a few light modifiers.

It was really begining to come alive. The modified lighting, fog, color correction, perspective, etc did a great job at immersing Selene and Andrew into the Star Wars Universe. I felt like every hour I spent on this image, my smile grew another inch when I stepped back and took it all in. At this stage, I felt that I was done. So I left in on screen, went to sleep, woke up and knew that I still had a lot to do. Back to the Grind..

Finally, after severall additonal minor tweaks and switching the ships out with renderings that better matched the scene, I was satisified. I made sure to spend the next few days going back on it to see if I had changed my mind on something or to see if I'd notice something I hadn't before. In the end, this was the masterpiece I produced. I was extremely surprised with how well it came out. It was, without a doubt, far better than the image they had shown me as an example during our consulation. Most importantly though, They LOVED it!

*You can view the fuller images by clicking them in the gallery below.* Thank you so much everyone for reading. If you like what you see, Feel free to follow me on My Instagram and/or My Youtube. Several hours of work and a whole lot of passion was put into this. Every like and share is hugely appreciated! :D