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Week 2: Food

This weeks Photo Challenge is food! Didn't quite like this one either... But it's challenge! So I had to do it. Today we have thinly sliced delicious Oranges, stacked onto one another on a black painted sheet of metal (Which is actually the detatchable side panel of my desktop computer). This one was a little more difficult and time consuming than last week's. Instead of natural light, I used my room's ceiling light as the main light, and a Speedlight with a warming filter (Orange peice of plastic) as an accent on the side. I arranged my orange slices under my ceiling light (simple incandescent bulb), had my lovely girlfriend hold the speedlight, at the lowest power, just a few inches to the right of my camera and 85mm lens, which was positioned directly above the oranges with the following settings: f/5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO-3200. Took a few dozen photos, added a small amount of water to the scene, took some more, and BAM. Some delicious looking oranges. Thanks for reading! Check out last weeks Challenge Here!!Week-1-Black-White/c1fa4/B9D994F2-3CF0-405B-BEF5-D7A505D5BB19