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Until Further Notice

Unfortunately, due to nature hand picking the one day of the month to make it rain in Southern California, The Photo class will be postponed. If you have already registered for the class, Your contact info will be saved and I will email you with a date and info on my next Photo Class. Super sorry for the inconvenience.

Intro to Photography


Thank you for your interest! Below is some important info on the class that I would like you to know before we meet up on TBA.
If you haven't already, Make sure to RSVP by sending an email to with:
Subject: "Photo Class"
   Body: Your full name, email adress, phone number, and age

First Off

Though I am a very experienced photographer, this is my First Ever Photo class, and I'm super stoked to have you a part of it. There may be a few hiccups this first time but hey, its free! And I promise you'll learn a lot. Just be patient with me :) if you'd like to more about me, Check out my Welcoming Page or About Me

What to look forward to..

We'll be going over a lot of the basics in terms posing, natural lighting, manual settings on your camera, and some nature photgraphy. You'll also have a chance to photograph an experienced 'casual' model with your new knowledge. Other than that, I'm happy to answer any questions you have and we'll have a chance to meet and mingle with our fellow photogs.

Meeting Info

We'll be meeting at Fairmount Park in Riverside. If you haven't been there before, it's a surprisingly large park make you know where we'll be meeting. I'm expecting approx. 20 people to meet us there so there is no gaurantee that I will get your call if you get lost and can't find us.

This map indicates the Exact meeting location, on the corner of Banks and Redwood Dr. If you can not find parking in lot 2, Try lot 4, opposite side of the smaller lake.


Park Address: Fairmount Park

2601 Fairmount Park

Riverside, California 92501


*Very Important*

I am relying on a minimum number of RSVPs. If I don't reach that amount of RSVPs or if it happens to be raining that day, I will have to cancel the class. I will of course notify you with the email address you provided. All the more reason to invite your friends! Just make sure they RSVP.

Also! I may be updating this page with more info as we get closer to the date, so check back in a few days before we meet, just in case!

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