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My Process

Schedule a Portrait Session

First step is to Schedule your Portrait Session date with me. You can do this over the phone, through email, or even by making an appointment to meet in person. After a date and time is agreed, you must Make the $50 deposit in order to finalize you Portrait session. It is recommended that the Portrait session is scheduled 2 weeks prior. 

Shooting Day

Time to get ready! For my style of Portraiture, Natural looking makeup is best. The weather is never set in stone so be prepared for anything. Bring a few different outfits, your hair spray, brush/comb, and some extra makeup. Friends are welcome to provide you with company during your session. When we meet, expect a fun and comfortable experience. It’s not always serious business, I enjoy what I do and you’ll be able to see it. Be sure to check out my blog post on posing to get a better idea of what to expect.

Devonvp photographyset up portraits commercial
After The Shoot

After the day is over, I’ll spend the next week or two processing your photos. This includes fixing minor errors in photos, correcting color temperature and exposure, straightening composition, and dumping any photos that were unrepairable (ie. Eyes closed, over/under exposed, bad crop, etc). As you may already know, I’m a Specialist at what I do and thus have a very high standard for the quality of the photos that I inevitably present to my clients. You will only get the best of the best. 

Consultation Time

Once I’ve finished processing your photos, I’ll then contact you to schedule a consultation where you will be able to view the final product and also take a look at my print products. This will take place at a local coffee shop my awesome new office. This is also the best time to make a Print order. If you decide that you do not like your photos, just let me know and I will arrange for a full refund. All sales are final after the consultation has ended. Any ordered prints should arrive at your home within 2 weeks. Expect pleasant surprises.

Devonvp Photography prints products service

*All prices are subject to change without notice

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