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Preparing for our Consultation

I hope we've had a wonderful session and that I am as charasmatic as you had hoped! The next step is to process your photos getting any prints/disc ready that may have been part of your initial purchase. Meanwhile, lets get you ready for our consultation! We want to make sure that you feel ready and comfortable with your print purchases and not pressured at all.
Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns!

Planning Your Purchase

The first step, and most important, is planning your purchase. It is highly recommended that you carefully review my Print Price Guide and the follow these tips:

- Contact any friends and family who may want any prints from your session

- Consider whether you'd like to pay up front for your purchase or schedule payments

(See payment section below for more details)

- Looking to fill wall space? See Pinterest for inspiration!
- Keep in mind that the prints I offer, are much more versatile than your average prints and do not need to be framed to be presentable. Consider leaning them on shelves, mounting them to your wall with these, or displaying them with easels.

Paying for your Prints

If you've taken a look at my Print Price Guide by now, allow me to address the elephant in the room; My print products are not cheap. Purchasing prints through me is not like going to Wal-mart, but like any photographer will tell you, It's not just the paper and ink that you are purchasing. My print prices are not very different from other professional photographers, but I set myself apart by offering you the highest quality product I can find on the market, so that you know that the value is there. I don't know of a photog in our area that offers the same quality prints that I offer. With that said, Here are a few things you should now before making your purchase:

- I accept Cash, Debit, and Credit. Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.
- Payment Plan. If you decide to make a purchase of $250 or more, I offer the option of scheduling your payments. After some paper work and receiving at least half of the total payment, I will get your prints ready for you. Feel free to contact me for more details, we will go over this more during our consulation.

Print Delivery

After purchasing your prints, you have the option of picking up your prints when they become ready for you in 3-5 days or having them shipped to your home for an additional shipping cost.

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