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Getting Your Home Ready For Real Estate Photography

In this Blog Post, we will be sharing some helpful information/tips that must be done prior to our arrival.

Due to COVID-19 we have made some slight adjustments to this blog post in order to ensure that we are in and out of a property as soon as possible.

So please read through this thoroughly, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Also, all persons in a property during a shoot must wear a face mask, and stand 6 feet away from us at all times. This will ensure our safety, along with your safety. While we shoot, we will need everyone (including pets) out of any rooms. Consider waiting in the car, garage, or even going out for a quick bite to eat! :)

The emptier and cleaner/decluttered a home is, the faster we will be out of the property!

1. Clear the driveway

Park all cars away from the front of the home. Across the street, or in the garage are great options. Keep in mind to only park cars inside of the garage if you don't plan on having it shot. We only shoot garages if there are unique features (i.e.: built in shelving, epoxy floors, etc.).

2. Hide all trash bins

Trash bins are big, bulky, and distracting. Please hide them on the side of the home, or better yet in the garage for the shoot.

Also, if you are able to schedule the shoot on a day that isn't trash day, that would be ideal.

This also goes for trash cans inside your property. Please hide them prior to our arrival.

3. Declutter everything

Decluttering every square inch of the home is ideal. That means removing all random or distracting items from the front of the home, backyard, kitchen, restrooms, showers, laundry rooms, sinks, tubs, hallways, living room, dining areas, and anywhere else that will be visible.

A common thing is to one, shove everything in the garage if it isn't going to be shot, and/or put things in storage.

By removing all of the distracting elements, potential buyers have a better idea on the space they have to work with. Also, keep in mind, if you can see the clutter, the camera can too.

4. Minimize furniture. Less is more

Remove furniture that is too big or makes a space look a bit tight/small. Having less furniture in a home makes the home appear bigger both in person, and in camera.

5. Make the beds

6. Remove personal items

Take down picture frames (unless you don't mind them being up. Just keep in mind that we will likely not be able to avoid them in photos), and all other signs of someone living there. Such as shampoo, soap, towels, toothbrushes, loofahs, laundry baskets, etc.

Having a sort of a blank, and clean canvas for potential buyers, allows them to visualize their ideas for that home.

7. Remove all signs of animals living in the home

Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love animals! But keep in mind that when people see the photos online, they may get all sorts of ideas on the cleanliness of the home, because of the pets. So, just to be safe, put away all pet toys, food and water dishes, cat towers, and of course your pets. :)

Keep the pets with you in a room with the door shut, while we shoot the rest of the home. If you have dogs, consider taking them for a walk or to a dog park! :) Cats usually find a good hiding spot.

8. Clean the floors

Vacuum, mop, and sweep the floors prior to our arrival.

9. Wash & put away the dishes

Washing your dishes and putting them away can be a hassle, I know... I can fill a sink by making one meal sometimes! But, keeping the sink, and counters clear of dirty dishes, will elevate the look of the kitchen.

Also, please refrain from shoving them in ovens or microwaves. Put them away, all nice and orderly in the kitchen cabinets.

10. Clean all the windows

Windows are a very important element when shooting a home. In order for us to get photos of the home with windows that look crisp and clear, they need to be spotless. Consider hiring a professional window cleaner if you don't have time for it :) Just be sure to clean them at least 1-2 days prior to the shoot.

Please don't hire window cleaners, or any contractors, on the same day of our scheduled shoot.

11. Open all blinds and curtains

By opening all the blinds and curtains, not only will it make the home look more welcoming, but it also makes the home appear more spacious.

Be sure to open the blinds either all the way up if you have a gorgeous view or very clean windows, or open them slightly, facing downwards.

12. Turn off all ceiling fans

Because of the way we shoot, we need everything to be still-- so ceiling fans, and any other moving objects should be turned off by the time we get there.

13. Dust everything

That includes ceiling fan blades

14. Turn on the AC

This is not necessary, but no matter how cold a day may be here in California, when we shoot a home, we get hot! So, if you are able to get the AC running before we get there, we will greatly appreciate it :)

15. Make the home smell nice

Turn on candles, plug in air fresheners, throw away trash, and if there are flowers blooming in the front or backyard, add a personal touch to the home by bringing in those fresh flowers.

16. Turn on all lights & replace light bulbs

A day or two before the shoot, turn on all lights and replace the ones that are burnt out or that don't match, because when we shoot the home, we require that all lights are turned on.

* Quick tip: Stay away from light bulbs that have a blue hue, stick to warm light bulbs instead *

17. Open all doors

Open all the doors for the rooms we will be shooting. If the doors don't stay open consider purchasing some door stoppers.

We hope this helps, see you soon!

Devon & Jas

Devonvp Photography


Thank you so much for reading.

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