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Devonvp Home Readiness Guide - 20 Steps

Hello! This is Devon & Jas here, we will be the photographers, photographing your home/property.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to get the Twilight Photography Home Readiness Guide!


We have created a comprehensive guide, "The Devonvp Home Readiness Guide". Along with a simple checklist to help you get your home/property looking perfect for Real Estate Photography!

While we shoot, we will need everyone (including pets) out of any rooms, backyard, front yard, etc. Consider waiting in the car, garage, or even going out for a quick bite to eat! :)

The emptier and cleaner/decluttered a home is, the faster we will be out of the property!

Let's get started!

1. Clear the driveway

Park all cars away from the front of the home.

Across the street, or in the garage, are great options. Keep in mind to only park cars inside of the garage if you don't plan on having it photographed. We only photograph garages by request, or if there are unique features (i.e.: built in shelving, epoxy floors, etc.).

Modern home in Los Angeles Ca, with a wooden fence surrounding the home.

2. Hide all trash bins

Please hide them on the side of the home, or in the garage.

Also, if you are able to schedule the shoot on a day that isn't trash day, that would be ideal.

This also goes for trash cans inside your property. Please hide them prior to our arrival.

3. Turn off Sprinklers

Be sure to turn off all sprinklers and/or sprinkler timer systems.

4. Do not wet the driveway or backyard

5. Minimize furniture. Less is more

Remove furniture that is too big or makes a space look a bit tight/small. Having less furniture in a home makes the home appear bigger both in person, and in camera.

A minimalistic office space, with a desk in the center of the room.

6. Make the beds

Queen sized bed in the middle of the room, with striped sheets

7. Remove personal items

Take down picture frames (unless you don't mind them being up. Just keep in mind that we will likely not be able to avoid them in photos). Hide shampoo, soap, towels, toothbrushes, loofahs, laundry baskets, etc.

Having a sort of a blank, and clean canvas for potential buyers, allows them to visualize their ideas for that home.

Luxury Homes. Interior Photography. Commercial Real Estate. Homes with built in cabinetry. Custom Closets.

8. Remove all signs of animals living in the home

Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love animals! But keep in mind that when people see the photos online, they may get all sorts of ideas on the cleanliness of the home, because of the pets. So, just to be safe, put away all pet toys, food and water dishes, cat towers, and of course your pets. :)

Keep the pets with you in a room with the door shut, while we shoot the rest of the home. If you have dogs, consider taking them for a walk or to a dog park! :) Cats usually find a good hiding spot.

9. Turn on all lights & replace light bulbs

A day or two before the shoot, turn on all lights and replace the ones that are burnt out or that don't match, because when we shoot the home, we require that all lights are turned on.

* Quick tip: Stay away from light bulbs that have a blue hue. Choose warm light bulbs instead *

10. Wash & put away the dishes

Washing your dishes and putting them away can be a hassle, I know... I can fill a sink by making one meal sometimes! But, keeping the sink, and counters clear of dirty dishes, will elevate the look of the kitchen.

Also, please refrain from shoving items in ovens or microwaves. Put dishes away, all nice and orderly in the kitchen cabinets.

11. Clean all the windows

Windows are a very important element when shooting a home. In order for us to get photos of the home with windows that look crisp and clear, they need to be spotless. Consider hiring a professional window cleaner if you don't have time for it :) Just be sure to clean them at least 1-2 days prior to the shoot.

Please don't hire window cleaners, or any contractors, on the same day of our scheduled shoot.

Luxury bathrooms. Bathroom makeover. Bathroom remodel. Interior Design, Architect, built ins, cabinetry, bathtub install.

12. Open all blinds and curtains

By opening all the blinds and curtains, not only will it make the home look more welcoming, but it also makes the home appear more spacious.

Be sure to open the blinds either all the way up if you have a gorgeous view or very clean windows, or open them slightly, facing downwards, towards you.

13. Turn off all ceiling fans

14. Dust

Ceiling fan blades are often overlooked. And because we always turn them off for photography, it's a good idea to wipe them clean prior to our arrival.

15. Turn on the AC

This is not necessary, but no matter how cold a day may be here in California, when we shoot a home, we get hot! So, if you are able to get the AC running before we get there, we will greatly appreciate it :)

16. Make the home smell nice

Throw away trash. If there are flowers blooming in the front or backyard, add a personal touch to the home by bringing in those fresh flowers.

Also, if you are an avid smoker, we would greatly appreciate you not smoking inside your home before we get there, and while we're there. Not only does this make it a bit unpleasant, but one of us has some pretty intense allergies to cigarette & marijuana smoke/smells. I know that's a lot to ask, but we would greatly appreciate the gesture.

17. Clean the floors

Vacuum, mop, and sweep the floors a few hours prior to our arrival.

18. Open all doors

Open all the doors for the rooms we will be shooting. If the doors don't stay open consider purchasing some door stoppers.

19. Tripping Hazards

Please let us know of any tripping hazards, or hazards in general-- in the home.

20. Make sure the for sale sign is put up AFTER we shoot the property. This is a must, in order to be MLS compliant.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to not shoot, and/or cancel a shoot that we deem to be unsafe, and/or not ready. If upon arrival, the shoot is cancelled due to its unsafe/unready condition(s) a cancellation fee will be applied.

Thank you so much for reading.

We hope this helps! See you soon!

Devon & Jas

Devonvp Photography


Getting Your Home Ready For A Twilight Session - 7 Step Guide

Getting a home ready for a twilight session is easy (Compared to the list above)! We only shoot the exterior of the home for twilights.

Typically, twilight photography is added-on to regular daytime photography, so we will take the twilights after we've already photographed the inside & outside during the day.

There are just a few things that we need done to the exterior of the property, in order to make it look as great as possible for photos:

1. Turn on all exterior lights. Except for flood lights. Keep flood lights off.

Turning on all exterior lights really elevates the property. It creates the ambiance for the perfect backyard to relax in.

Flood lights typically are too bright, so instead of creating a nice relaxing space, it creates an overly lit space.

Also, consider purchasing solar pathway lights to elevate the space!

2. Clear the driveway

Park all cars away from the front of the home. Across the street, or in the garage, are great options.

3. Hide all trash bins

Like in our home readiness guide above, trash bins are big, bulky, and distracting, especially when we want to showcase your outdoor space. Please hide them on the side of the home where they wont be seen, or better yet in the garage!

Also, if you are able to schedule the shoot on a day that isn't trash day, that would be ideal.

4. Turn off sprinklers & sprinkler timers

Sprinklers are our worst enemy. We definitely do not want the driveway, or any floors/grass outside to get wet, because then it will just end up looking blotchy as it dries, and if the grass is wet we will just track water all over.

The lighting will also reflect off the water creating an unappealing look.

5. Turn on all interior lights

Turning on all interior lighting including the garage light, create a very nice glow from the outside-- giving the property a more luxurious & inviting look.

6. Turn on pool light & pool/hot tub water features

Luxury Real Estate. Photo Visuals.

7. Bring all pets inside the house, and away from any windows & glass doors facing the exterior front and back of the property.

As much as we love all pets they unfortunately move around too much, cause tripping hazards, and/or are just too distracting for us. We also do ask that you keep them in a room away from any windows facing the front and back of the property, as they will be visible.

That's it! Easy peasy.

We do ask that if you are home while we shoot the property, that you please stay inside and away from any windows that we may see while photographing your property/listing.

Luxury Twilights for Luxury mansions. Mega Mansions. Beverly Hills, Glendora, LA, Orange County, Bell Aire. Style. Magazine. Real Estate Photography. Interior Photography. Exterior Photography. Sunset

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to not shoot, and/or cancel a shoot that we deem to be unsafe, and/or not ready. If upon arrival, the shoot is cancelled due to its unsafe/unready condition(s) a cancellation fee will be applied.


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