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Getting Your Home Ready For Real Estate Photography

Due to COVID-19 we have made some slight adjustments to this blog post in order to ensure that we are in and out of a property as soon as possible.

So please read through this thoroughly, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Also, all persons in a property during a shoot must wear a face mask, and stand 6 feet away from us at all times. This

will ensure our safety, along with your safety. While we shoot, we will need everyone (including pets) out of any rooms. Consider waiting in the car, garage, or even going out for a quick bite to eat! :)

The emptier and cleaner/decluttered a home is, the faster we will be out of the property!

Downloadable Home Readiness Guide Checklist:

Home Readiness Guide
Download PDF • 68KB

1. Clear the driveway

Park all cars away from the front of the home. Across the street, or in the garage, are great options. Keep in mind to only park cars inside of the garage if you don't plan on having it shot. We only shoot garages if there are unique features (i.e.: built in shelving, epoxy floors, etc.).

Modern home in Los Angeles Ca, with a wooden fence surrounding the home.

2. Hide all trash bins

Trash bins are big, bulky, and distracting. Please hide them on the side of the home, or better yet in the garage for the shoot.

Also, if you are able to schedule the shoot on a day that isn't trash day, that would be ideal.