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5 Things to Avoid Doing Before a Real Estate Photography Shoot

If you have diligently followed our "Quick and Simple Staging Tips" and "Getting Your Home Ready for Real Estate Photography" blogs you should be all set, and perfectly ready for us when we come shoot your home. But, in case you sort of rushed through both lists because you totally forgot what day it was, or you just simply ran out of time-- if you at least avoid doing these five things listed down below, your home should be fine when we get there. So please, allow us to reiterate:

1. Hiding dishes in the microwave or oven

Like we have stated in other blogs, we can always see the dishes that are "hidden" in these areas. If you're going to shove dishes anywhere make sure to shove them in an area where there aren't any windows or glass paneling of any kind. If anything, we'd suggesst shoving them in a cabinet, closet that we won't be shooting, or the garage (if it's not being shot either). But, if you can, washing them and putting them away where they belong will only make lives easier for everyone.

2. Wetting the driveway and grass

This may have looked okay back then, but nowadays a wet driveway is a huge no. Unless it's raining, then it's inevitable (yes, we shoot rain or shine).

But, when you wet a driveway, on a normal day it will only cause a weird patchy looking floor, because some areas will dry faster than others. And, that can't really be fixed in post editing.

Wetting the grass is just a courtesy request from us, because we don't want to track in any mud into your home.

3. Leaving items in front of doorways/entrances

Leaving items in front of doorways, or entrances isn't appealing in photos. So any shoes, toys, bowls, or cluttery items that shouldn't be there, must be put away. Unless you have an organized shoe rack, then that's fine :)

4. Parking cars in the driveway or in front of the house

When we shoot homes, we always, always, always start in the front of the house. So, parking the cars away from the front of the home, across the street or in the garage (only if the garage isn't being photographed), before we get there will save us a lot of time.

5. Putting/ordering Real Estate For Sale Signs up

In Real Estate Photography, all the viewers want to see is the home. If there are any distracting elements, that will make the photos look less appealing.

And there you have it! A really brief list of things to avoid doing before a shoot!

Dev & Jas


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