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Quick and simple staging tips

Staging a home can be a difficult task, and we are here to help make it a little easier!

There are simple things that you can add to a home to make a huge difference. We have added a list below to go ahead and give you a bit of inspiration.

1. Candles

Adding Candles to your home makes it feel warm and cozy. The other benefit is that they also make your home smell nice! That is if you go with the scented route. :)

2. Cookie Jars

Adding cookie jars or just empty jars on kitchen counters adds a cute little touch. Just be sure to keep it clean and simple-- you don't want to make your kitchen counters look cluttered.

3. Wood cutting boards

Wood cutting boards of various sizes stacked upright in front of each other or just one behind a cookie jar tell a story, and they also make a space feel a bit more homey.

4. Flowers in vases

Flowers in a vase adds a sort of charming feel to a room. Consider placing a vase in the center of the dining table or on in the kitchen by the stove. If they are fresh from your garden that is a huge plus! One thing to keep in mind: If you have a small kitchen put a small vase, you don't want to make the flowers a distracting element in the home.

5. Trays

Add a tray with a wine bottle, a vase of flowers, and wine glasses on the bed

This one kind of falls back into incorporating flowers into your home. Putting them on trays in other rooms is also a really easy way to make a room look a bit classy.

6. Books

Books and magazines of various sizes and colors that compliment a room, adds a sort of intellectual touch with a little bit of style.

6. Replace bed sheets

Replace bed sheets with neutral colored sheets. Fresh linens/bedding and light colored sheets both brighten up a room, and make the room appear bigger, and cleaner.

7. Throws & Blankets

Adding a thin light throw/blanket on a bed of couch warms up a space. So, if a room in your home looks a bit stale, or dull, and a light pop of color with a throw!

8. Plants

Whether they are real or fake, plants are a must when staging a home. They really tie everything together, and they make a home feel fresh.

9. Replace bed pillows and/or pillow covers

Pillows get flat, and that's normal... but, we don't want them to look flat in camera. If fluffing up doesn't work, consider replacing them for new ones! And trust me, they will make a world of a difference.

Here are some more photos for inspiration:


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