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Content Generation For Your Business

Content generation can be such a great way to get your business feeling fresh and up to date. We (Devonvp Photography) absolutely love providing content for all businesses whether you're just starting out or changing up the theme of your business model.

We offer a variety of packages and services for content generation ranging from Headshots, Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography, and Videography.

Lifestyle Headshots are a wonderful way to add personality to your brand. They can also be anywhere from outdoors, in your restaurant, home office, your warehouse, etc.

They are different to the typical Headshots because they involve more movement, more hands-on with your products and/or customers/clients. More planning is typically required for these shoots, but doing them during your slow period is such a great way to get you motivated, and feeling like you've got a fresh new start to your business.

Capturing the photos with more movement and smiles, definitely increases the engagement on your social media feeds, and/or website/marketing. They are also so much more fun, and exciting!

Getting shots of the environment you've created for your clients/customers is also a great for your google & yelp business pages. We provide gorgeous shots of your business environment. Shots that show an accurate and stylistic approach to your office, restaurant, workstation, etc.

We also provide headshots with a white, black, and/or textured background with the color of your choice, for your business cards, websites, and marketing. They can be either Head & Shoulder shots, Torso & up, and/or Full Body -- either indoors, in your home, office, and/or in a studio. When we take the Headshots indoors we will bring our own pop-up studio set up to capture amazing photos.

All of the photos above, except for the full body on the left were taken in a home garage or office!

We do travel anywhere, there will likely just be a travel and/or lodging fee depending on the distance from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Contact us for your next photoshoot! We would love to be able to create a gorgeous set for you to use for your business!

- Devon & Jas

Devonvp Photography. Devon and Jasmine


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